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All programs offered through SARC Learning Central aim to strengthen organizations and the quality of services they provide.

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SARC’s online leadership program; ELEVATE, is a user friendly program specifically for Boards of Directors in the nonprofit sector.  A modular based program that can be accessed at your convenience, ELEVATE is an excellent opportunity to supplement your knowledge of governance best practices and the various roles and responsibilities of Board Directors.   ELEVATE will help your organization maintain a standard of excellence in the nonprofit sector by: Showing leadership related to your commitment to governance best practices and increasing organizational capability and sustainability. Ensuring your Board is following best practices in order to meet expectations of accountability and responsibility standards. Recruiting new Board Directors – individuals will be more inclined to get involved with your organization if you are able to demonstrate how they will be supported and be provided with professional development opportunities.   ELEVATE also includes a wealth of resources ranging from sample policies and templates to helpful checklists that can be customized to fit your organization’s specific needs. Read More


Med Assist: Online training for employees who assist clients with medication. Med Assist is an online program that can be accessed at any time and completed at each individual’s own pace.  Geared toward employees who don’t have medical training, this program consists of seven modules that outline practical information on best practices in assisting clients with medication.   This program is meant to: Give support workers the knowledge they need to assist a client with medication, but supervisory personnel are responsible to provide the onsite medication training.    Program Features User-friendly program that takes approximately 3-4 hours to complete Content presented through text, videos, and complete narration to appeal to a variety of learning styles Module mini-quizzes to reinforce learning Final exam with minimum score requirement to ensure high standard of knowledge to safely assist clients with medication Certificate of Completion Supervisor’s Guide Updated demonstration videos that feature clients and employees from a SARC Member Agency New content, including more in-depth information on how to implement the 6 Rights of Medication Assistance at all stages, and anaphylaxis.   Med Assist Supervisor's Guide The SARC Learning Central - Med Assist Supervisor's Guide is intended for organizations that have registered staff to take SARC’s Med Assist Program. If you are a supervisor who is providing the on-site training following Med Assist, this guide will assist you and the organization in developing and implementing a comprehensive medication assistance training program.    View, Download and Print the SARC Learning Central - Med Assist Supervisor's Guide   For Alberta Organizations The Alberta Council of Disability Services (ACDS) has reviewed SARC’s Med Assist online program to assess alignment with the Creating Excellence Together (CET) Standards. This is to ensure that any standards established in the CET, but not addressed in the curriculum, can be met at the time of delivery. This was undertaken at the request of numerous organizations to provide an additional opportunity to address these proficiencies. The Med Assist program (2017) meets the CET requirements for training to be provided by a licensed practitioner. The Alberta addendum be found at:  http://www.sarclearningcentral.ca/programs/medication-assistance-training. Read More

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